Ten Ton Mojo‘s sound is pulverizing Southern rock with a new age twist, Drawing strength from their influences, they use vibrant hip shaking rhythms and edgy street wise guitars to create memorable hard rock anthems.”

Ten Ton Mojo

/ mojo /; a magical power, charm or spell; a lucky charismatic quality of natural or supernatural origin.

Conjured on the streets, on the stages and in the studios of New York City, emerges Ten Ton Mojo– the new classic rock! This is where bluesy southern soul meets the glory of rock & roll!

This band represents the rebirth of real American rock and roll! Hip shaking rhythms and street wise guitars blend to create memorable hard rock anthems. Singer Dave Anthony says, “This band started to embrace our roots and to give back to the fans who’ve been wanting this...and we’re always determined to do it our way”.

Ten Ton Mojo has captivated a strong fan base by creating a musical energy which has yet to be experienced in the 21st century. Ten Ton Mojo is the band you've been waiting for!

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