Project Mayhem AD will Blow Your Mind! One of the Best Metal Bands, expect Big Things from them!” - Road Dog Radio Show

Project Mayhem AD

Artist Bio

Project Mayhem AD We are a nu-metal groove thrash band out of Oakland California, we came together to try to write songs about movies that relate there world. We wanted to write groovey songs that people could understand and still being a little technical. We are a 5 piece band we wanted to bring a show that was fun and a place you can be yourself and let your crazy flag fly music has always been a outlet to help us feel better about life the world and what’s going on today a place where you can let loose all your aggression and feel great after.

Todd the singer had a dream about doing a crazy blacklight show that brings something unique different and a killer visual experience we let our self go and dive into our music fully live and where the crowd can bring all there glow or black light active attire and get everyone involved. With great response from our show we have all been wearing black light make up uv contacts etc. We also use alot of samples from the movies we write about. We also try to have our songs sound like the same but all the songs are unique and different sounding we 5 came together to bring you Project Mayhem AD. 

We write our songs about movies that we watch and stand out to us. Movies that we feel also relate to the real world. After we pick a movie I watch and the movie and write lyrics about that movie and how we feel it relates to the real world . I also look for the line in the movies that stand out to me and create samples and little sequences that go with our songs for example Madmax how they fight over water and oil and the work is a barren wasteland, and how if we aren’t careful these things can become a reality each song is done this way while making sure they relate to life society and what’s going on in the world.

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