Jeremiah and crew tell an upbeat story with a mix of traditional & progressive country vibes by taking a trip down memory lane about daydreams they would have while working their dead end jobs, to dropping everything, leaving it all behind and then turning those once dreams into reality- all while inviting the listener in to do the same for whatever they live for, Til the Weekend.”

Jeremiah Wheeler

Jeremiah was born and raised in the small town of Cave Spring, Georgia. With a Southern Baptist preacher for a grandfather, he started singing early on in the church & quickly fell in love with performing. Influences of classic country and rock can also be heard in his music. 

Targeting a country, progressive country and country rock audience with a fresh point of view and world class vocals, Jeremiah brings  raw, modern edge storytelling to the styles of Keith Whitley and the vocal group The Eagles with an incredible new band entrusted to help bring his stories to life.

Jeremiah makes any crowd immediately fall in love with him through his unmatched stage presence and authentically self-written music. He has collaborated with several top industry songwriters and producers, including Kenny Greenberg, Hayden Mitchell, Brandon Hartt, Kenny Royster and most recently, Sal Oliveri (to name a few). His debut radio single, “Til the Weekend’, hit streaming platforms and stations worldwide July 1st.

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